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Sarah has her undergraduate degree and MBA in marketing. She obtained her undergrad in three years and her MBA in 11 months. Post graduation, she began working at a digital marketing agency as well as began competing in fitness competitions- becoming nationally qualified in bikini. Sarah then realized her passion for fitness and helping others when she became fitness nutrition certified and started utilizing her online platforms through social media to help women all around the world.

In February 2014 during the weekend of the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, Josh and Sarah were both working out on a Saturday night and struck up a conversation. It was at that moment that it all changed. Our first date consisted of a meal. Which is where a pinnacle point in our relationship happened. Sarah “dropped the bomb” that she was a vegetarian. She wasn’t against eating meat, she was simply against supporting the farming and slaughtering of animals who lived horrible lives. With an open mind, she listened as Josh explained the benefits and necessities of hunting and conservation and how he was strictly a bowhunter. Josh says he will never forget it when she said: “Well I would eat something I killed”.

Shortly later, Sarah moved to Columbus on a leap of faith. Josh took her to their local pro shop where she bought her first bow. After 6 weeks of practicing, it was turkey season in Ohio. Sarah was able to harvest her first turkey with her bow and has been hooked ever since. We have since traveled the world together. We got married in 2015 and have built a multitude of businesses together and share so many passions. 


Josh has always pushed his body to the extreme and it started with athleticism. He went to school for exercise physiology where he maintained a 4.0 GPA. He participated in three NCAA sports and was awarded NCAA 2x Academic All American and Double Athletic All American honors in the same year in javelin and the 4×4. Additionally, Josh broke four university records in track and field.

Josh also began competing in bodybuilding competitions in college. Throughout his competition years, he accomplished the following:

  • 2012 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Overall Champion
  • 2013 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Champion
  • Mr. Ohio Class Winner and Overall Champion
  • Natural Northern USA- Drug Tested Men’s Physique Class Winner and Overall Champion
  • Great Lakes Men’s Physique Class Winner and Overall Champion
  • 2013 NPC National Bodybuilding Championship 1st Place Awarding Him IFBB Pro Men’s Physique Status

Despite the intense schedule of school, competing, and running his businesses, bowhunting has always been his #1 passion in life- never missing a single season from the age 6 till now where he’s 27. As a bow hunter he has accomplished multiple record book animals with just a homemade long bow. More specifically 3 record book bucks and 2 record book bears. With a compound, Josh has also shot multiple record book animals his biggest buck being 178 inches.